About Distributor Corp, LLC

DistributorCorp LLC provides an opportunity for you to add premium high quality made in the USA PPE products.  On top of these important PPE products, we also have the ability to private label almost anything liquid that goes in a packet, a bottle or a jar, and beyond.  All our products exceed FDA standards and are produced in FDA certified facilities.

Jump on board and find out why Alkame started producing for the state of Oregon as a PPE manufacturer for their Covid19 Task Force, supplying front line and first responders. 

Let us be your trusted supplier of premium health & wellness products, including proprietary patent pending oxygenated water technology, premium PPE and more. Tell us what you need and find out why we have the finest products at the best prices. 

Your #1 Distributor of High-Quality Health & Wellness Products.

About Alkame Holdings, Inc.

Alkame Holdings, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company that operates with a focus in four distinct sectors: health and wellness, technology, manufacturing, and distribution. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries manufacture and distribute products with an emphasis on an enhanced water utilizing a proprietary technology with several unique properties. The water technology is supported by four independent human clinical studies. There are a multitude of product applications we currently, or have capability to, utilize with our proprietary technology to produce and/or add value to, including but not limited to, consumer beverages, CBD/hemp products, pet products, horticulture, agriculture and aquaculture applications, hand sanitizers. Alkame also distributes personal protective equipment (PPE), a necessary line of premium products in today’s world. 


West Coast CoPacker, Inc.

West Coast Copacker, Inc., based in Oregon, is a specialty marketer, importer, co-packer, and private labeler contract manufacturer of premium liquid-based products, ranging from single serve packets to a multitude of various bottle and jar packaging configurations and beyond, and built to suit the needs of demanding health-conscious consumers.

West Coast Copacker Hot & Cold fill capabilities complements Distributor Corps customers, and seamlessly integrates with Alkame’s other subsidiaries for PPE and specialty, natural, organic, and other assorted liquid-based hot and cold fill manufacturing.